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The Making Of A Cable

The CEO and founder Mr. Luigi A. Bocca, created this company and used his initials for the LAB Audio Technology brand, born in 2012. After years of research in the High End Audio field, the company started to focus the attention on the research and development of top quality audio cables. In 2018, starting from the production of the Rossini hi-fi cables, we start to develop the Signature Series and ProLine Series for musical instruments.

The choice of the best materials available, the collaborations with musicians, the continuous tests and the guarantees offered, confirm our continuous search for quality. Our LAB Audio Technology cables are 100% handmade. Each assembly step requires continuous controls. Everything is designed to improve every aspect of the production and achieve the best possible product.

Audio Cables for music lovers

We are keen on music and all those beautiful electronic instruments that allow us to enjoy the almost infinite combination of the seven notes.

01 | The LABAudioCables

LAB Audio Technology created LabAudioCables to satisfy the many requests of passionates, pros and musicians that appreciated the quality and passion we put on each of our products.

02 | Quality

Quality is the word that summarize the way we work. Each of our products is 100% handmade. We take care of every detail by choosing only the best available components. No compromise on quality!

03 | Warranty

Audio instruments for music lovers…
We are so confident in the quality of our products and the material chosen that our cables are covered by a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Quality Audio Cables

The Choice Of Materials

The materials chosen for the making of our cables are the best available on the market. The alloys used for the weldings, for instance, are selected exactly for their absolute quality and they are composed by tin, silver, copper, cobalt and germanium. We use different types of conductors: Oxygen Free Copper, copper and silver, UP OCC Copper.